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Some folks tell of an ancient proverb that says: when you save a life, a bond is formed and that soul becomes yours to protect and keep safe forever ...

July 1863 ... The American Civil War is in its third bloody year. No one knows when the carnage will end ...

Barely recovered from a case of malaria contracted on a three month mission to Vicksburg for Confederate General Robert E. Lee, Buck Cannon re-joins his unit just in time for the three day battle at Gettysburg. How could he know a ten-year-old child would change his life and his future forever?


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The Cannons

The Carsons

The Montoyas

The Bunkhouse

Minor Characters

story settings.

Gettysburg, PA
July 1863

The Robert E. Lee
May 1874

St. Louis, MO
May 1874

Tucson, AZ
June 1874

High Chaparral
June 1874

C-Bar-M Ranch
July 1874


This is a work of fan fiction, written entirely for the entertainment of fans of The High Chaparral TV series, not for profit. No copyright infrigement is intended.

Though I wish I could claim credit for these beloved characters and their world, alas! Except for the "Little Yank", they remain the sole property of David Dortort, Xanadu Productions, and NBC.

Producer David Dortort on creating "The High Chaparral" - TelevisionAcademy.com/Interviews

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